Injection molding allows mold to diversify

In the injection molding engineering, it is mainly divided into static and dynamic modes. In the injection molding machine of the injection head on the side of the belt is the static mold, static mold generally has the sprue jacket, the board, the template. General simple injection molding can also not use the board, directly with a thicker template. The gate sleeve is usually standard, except for special reasons, it is not recommended to cancel. The use of gate sleeve is conducive to the installation of injection molding, convenient replacement, not self-polishing. Now the injection molding is basically to heat treatment, add the hardness of injection molding, improve the life of injection molding. Before heat treatment to preliminary template processing: good guide pin holes, return hole (dynamic mode), cavity hole, screw holes, gate set of holes (dynamic modulus) cooling hole, milling good runner, cavity, some injection should also be good milling oblique guide box, etc. Therefore, through injection molding, various injection molds can be produced.